Underworld Gold WIP HD

Underworld Gold is still work in progress, but the last remaining images, mostly the full screen storyline illustrations, are coming in at a good pace. The following video shows a couple, and hints at a few more changes. There are still a few glitches that need fixing, but nothing of much consequence.



I’m looking at an early 2012 release at the moment, which should allow for some more polish, new levels and “puzzles” (a term I use loosely to define any kind of obstacle that requires some thought to get accross).




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7 thoughts on “Underworld Gold WIP HD”

  1. One suggestion, can you have two sets of floor tile that you oscillate through when moving forward to help with the illusion of movement?

  2. Looks great, though! A much more consistent style of interface and artwork. It feels a lot more cohesive. Good luck!

  3. @jmp Thanks jmp – I’m not sure what you mean by oscillating through… Do you mean just two different floor tiles or… something else?

  4. I look forward to.
    Or is it the expansion of the previous work whether this is a sequel?
    Please continue making a sequel from now on.
    (Because they are simple, and the item monster is a textbase with a TRPG-like thing and is good, are around 500-1000 serious?)

    If PS is done, please sell it in steam.

    from japanese Fan

  5. Hi Faustino,

    This is going to be a make-over of previous versions with several improvements, including added levels. So it is also a sort of expansion.

    Work on the sequel has already started 🙂 500-1000 what? I didn’t understand that sorry…

    Whether it is included in Steam or not depends on Valve much more than it depends on me 😉

    Arigato Japanese fan!

  6. Thank you for Charles, comment

    It is that there are 500-1000 kinds of kinds of the item monster.

    When there is an element in search of rare unique LEGENDARY, I am glad.

    I look forward to a sequel

  7. Actually there aren’t quite that many but thanks! I hope to finish the sequel in a reasonable delay 😉

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