SSUDE Patch notes

Years go by and updates have reached 40 42! They’re middle aged!

– A specific type of event could cause hangs in the next battle.
– Auto attack fix on delay=0.
– 3 items re-evaluated.
– Clover stew description did not match actual effect.
– Effigy and Brand effects fixed.
– Goblin realm special effect fixed.
– Clear indication of party curses.
– Rest is now optional in inn.
– Temples offer to lift curses.
– Steam screenshots manually reactivated.
– Some passages rewritten in French version.
– Titles were not translated on language switch.

– Fixed a memory leak caused by a faulty array.
– Tweaked enemy leader behavior.
– Fixed an end game text misalign in French version.

– Dungeon ambient kept going when ambient sound was deactivated.
– Kill stats were wrong: affected to player next in line.
– Buff effects would sometimes not show in character sheet (but worked in combat).
– Higher loot rates.
– Targeting glitch (mobs with ranged specials would sometimes target out of melee characters with melee attacks).

– Fixed a rare bug in the presbytery event.

– NVIDIA compatibility issues resolved (no more freezes!)
– Stores bonus values for items on sale fixed.
– Screen captures should be restored (to be confirmed).
– Improved audio files.

– Added Delay option.
– Fixed text glitch in ‘Radiate Life’ spell.

– Character delete erased abreviation and title flags for that slot.

– Quest items were discardable after (U)se. Fixed.

– Total runes per sorcerer limited to intel * spell level.
– Equipped slot indicators darkened as they were invisible in some setups (Head, Torso, etc…)
– Move entire stacks by holding down CTRL.
– Rare item duplications addressed.
– (U)se option color coded for better visibility. (Some players missed that books could be read by using them).
– Glitch allowing to equip Left Hand items with 2H weapons fixed.
– End game difficulty revised (Wraith).
– Right clicking on a mob or pressing (1-9) opens bestiary.
– New bestiary entries colored until opened.
– Travelling spells disabled in final level.
– 3 typoes fixed.
– Are you sure” prompt added when quitting on character creation.
– Woolen hood now has +3 armor.
– Elvenbraid text display glitch fixed.
– Torches masking rock formations fixed.
– Spells and abilities can now all be cancelled when prompted to select a target.
– Lich haven sound glitch fixed.
– All damage AOEs now knock rogues out of stealth.
– Dungeon drone glitch fixed.
– Glitch allowing to stack more than an item’s stack limit fixed.

Frame rate set at 60 fps.
Vsync removed as it is useless with anything running at <=60 fps.
Some memory issues found and fixed. Hopefully no more freezes for anyone on any OS.
Win 10 troubleshooting thread removed as it didn’t seem to offer anything useful to anyone.


Typos fixed.
Armor values for plate and other boots re-evaluated.
Some sound effects would play when they should have been disabled.
Repositioned ESC in (B)ooks.


In one particular circumstance the game could not be finished near the very end. Fixed.


Collector achievement only kicked in when the 50th bestiary entry was accomplished. If for some reason it wasn’t (server issue or other), it could never be called again. Now opening the bestiary will check for it and award it if the requirement is fulfilled.


Windowed mode enabled (F9 in options). You can also resize the window when in windowed mode by dragging the top left corner.
Added a combat popup to clarify that a character that is struck down is unconscious and easily healable until struck a second time, in which case he/she dies. This popup occurs once, the first time a character is knocked unconscious.
Updated demo with same fixes.


Trying to delete and recreate a character in any town other than the starting town caused a crash.
Clarified that ESC returns to the main menu from party creation, even if player entered that screen from the inn.


Pressing Unlock repeatedly before it resolved could cause a freeze. It is now inactive until the current attempt is resolved.


Fixed compatibility issues with latest Steam updates.


Ammended Ascend/Descend spell description.
Two items rendered non-sellable.


Limited number of disengages before “back to the wall”.
Unlocking is automatically assigned to standing character with highest thievery.
All spells on same page to reduce number of clicks and panning.
Improved portrait scaling.
Fix to fighting when targetting out of range.
Fix to targetting for mindless monsters.


Flag fix should do away with rare SP bug and possible freezes using Cavein.


Fixed permanent deleting of “can’t swim” popup that caused a crash the second time party tried to step in water (drawing non-existing sprite) caused in 1.0.20.


Note – double upload, fixing a vertex issue right away.

Restored reach mechanic
Text fix on Highnest Archer
Added consequence to killing guards
Flag fix in summoning with impact on cavein
Reviewed rune drops
No more birds inside
Lineup resets after all battles


Fixed a fatal error on arsenal doors caused in v1.0.19.
Changed intro music.
Restored inn music
Fixed minor cavein and powercure text errors
Removed inworld popups from file swapping to fix possible memory leak.


Fixed enchantor so effect seen immdediately
Fixed rare inventory bug
Quicksave no longer overwritten by normal saves
Critical misses restored
Added 2 questlog entries
Unlock remains after fail
Unlock fail sfx replaced
Fixed questlog translation


4 movement configurations in (O)ptions:
– WASD (default)
– WQSE + AD for strafing
– ZASE + QD for strafing
– If strafing is enabled, mouse options added for straffing (<< & >>).
– Tutorial updated accordingly.
Small spacing correction in party creation.
Inn music ran even if music was disabled.


Added strafing.
Reviewed Earth Spirit AOE damage.


Display of corridors fixed (issue caused by update 15).
Display of environment when looting after a boss battle (same as above)
Text spacing
TAB now opens spell book both in combat and non-combat (ENTER still works as well)
Tutorial updated for above fix.


Two general performance fixes.
Quicksaves disabled during combat.
Pause on text snipets for fixed encounters.
Empty text box on post combat search removed.


Several memory leaks identified and fixed.


Fixed a flaw in Alert spell.
Fixed a ripple effect caused by yesterday’s update on monster special AOEs.
Reviewed on of the last battles that had excessive number of summoning monster types.
Fixed an item that did not deliver the promised effect (20 hp instead of 25).


Fixed rare crash bug with enemy AOE.

Antichamber encounters reviewed.

Store item description system fixed.

Unwanted step taken after combat when forward was pressed down at combat start removed.

Possible freeze when event triggered after transport spells fixed.

Enemy AOE behavior reviewed.

Alpha settings for UI darkened in outdoor environment.


Replaced out of scale images (hence the large download).

Fixed closing portals.

Partially tweaked Antichamber encounters.

Set display to fullscreen.

Fixed starting bonuses for gnomes.


Heroism spell stats on reloading a save.

When party is cursed, active spells in party overview flagged red.

NPC that gives spell components in 3rd town failed to actually give them.

Text glitch in temple when the party requests the service but cannot afford it.


Saves within one-square arsenal rooms didn’t leave the opportunity for the unlocking to take place (a step was required), leaving the player stuck with using a transportation spell to get out.

Encounters in Elven town tweaked.


Fixed the wall_thicken2 issue that caused a crash on reload. It happened when a save was made at the edge of a map, looking outward.

Presbitary text slightly ammended to clear up an ambiguity that looked like a quest item had disappeared when it was in fact kept by the NPC.

Fixed torrential waters display and horrid death.


Fixed Portal spell. It went bad when the top portal was deleted.

Presbitary spell stopped progressing if the game was quit at a very specific moment.

Loot from combat could not be loaded if the bottom slot was full.

Dragons came back at a time and place they weren’t supposed to.

Heroism spell wore out after a fight instead of lasting the day.

Dialogue with a prominent NPC was misleading at some point.


Fixed trading with an NPC with keyboard (worked with mouse).

A skill description was missing in (S)kills in character sheet, at lvl 9.

Quicksaving with the mouse from the menu (rarely if ever used that way) was inactive.


Starting inn battles reviewed,: I never pictured the starting inn as a tutorial area, but many players did so I made a few changes to reflect that.

Reviewed startup stats, slightly increasing endurance and luck. This should add a few hit points at each level up.

Increased torso and head armor scores.

Fixed Unlocking text display ((U)nlock appearing simultaneously with other options.

Fixed lockpick and other thievery increasing objects.

Enabled cancelation of unlocking.

Some locks meant to be impossible to open are now effectively impossible to open. Another way must be found and a message indicates it.

ctrl-a displayed when showing of hotkeys is enabled.

Cancelation of auto attack improved (no need to hold down space until it kicks in).

Slight increase of combat log font size.

Fixed sleep resist items that caused a crash when equipped on non-dwarf classes.

F7 now only works when the options page is open to avoid accidental switching of languages.

Achievements were accidentally disabled and are back online.

Several text corrections.

Transfering of quest items to another character caused a duplicate.

Adelaide sign repositioned.

Some tweaking of scripted battles.


The drake, vigilante and prankster bomb have been toned down.
Fixed turning the music off.
WASD back to default (versus ZQSD)


Backing out of the final stage of character creation worked with mouse, but not keyboard.
Charactersheet tutorial caused a crash if opened in combat.
Deleting a dead character and recreating one in the same spot led to creating a brand new dead character.


Resting with diseased or poisoned characters caused a crash.

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