Early 2012 Progress report

First things first: A great and happy new year to everyone! Ignore the harbingers of doom and believe in 2012 being the best year ever, premisce to many more great years to come!


It’s been nearly 2 months since my video update, so this post is quite overdue.


Sadly there aren’t any great breakthroughs to announce. Image assets are being completed slowly due to events in the Philippines (location of the art studio I’m working with on this project). Washi, a ruptured dam in the Manila area and the end-of-year festivities have slowed them down. On my end the family situation I mentionned about a year ago came to a tragic end in November. I moved back home and am slowly settling in again, and will be working pretty much full time on Underworld and the sequel over the next few months.  Then, decisions will have to be made.


Nevertherless, the prolonged development time has given me the opportunity to nicely enhance Underworld. Three new maps, 10 new monsters, many moar lewts, a double special attack for some mobs (greatly adding to the technical challenge of many encounters), new special attacks for others, much better end of game balance, new features enhancing gameplay (like setting game speed, (P)rotect replaces (B)lock…).


The images that have been done look pretty sweet! Phantoms, wraiths (both new mobs) and a few others have transparency effects that I personally can’t stop gawking over and some of the still cutscenes are absolutely awesome πŸ™‚



Rising from grave
Rising from grave


Apparition Encounter
Apparition Encounter


Militiaman Encounter
Militiaman Encounter


Also you might have noticed that the first monster in line is illustrated as before, but in a reproduction of the encounter’s environment.


To summarize I must confess that my early 2012 release goal will not be met. I’d rather not set a date that may not be met either at this point, but it shouldn’t be long. The bright side of things is that Underworld Gold will be all the better for it.




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5 thoughts on “Early 2012 Progress report”

  1. Take your time. I’d rather wait ages for the game than wait ages for the bug patch (I’m looking at YOU, Bethesda!)

    It took me forever to find this website again. My old laptop died, and I lost my links. Google refused to bring up your website, no matter how I searched. Seems there’s 8 zillion pages out there for an Underworld pnp game though.

    If I get the current version, how will Underworld Gold work? Will it be an update, or a new separate version?

  2. It’ll be a new separate version. I don’t plan on making it call previous saves because I want to change the default installation folder so that the sequel can communicate with it. With the new levels, monsters, npcs and hordes of new loot I really think it’ll be worth a replay from scratch.

    It’ll be free for previous customers though so there’s no reason not to upgrade πŸ˜‰

  3. @Charles

    Cool! That works for me.

    Am playing the demo currently, and liking it so far. Onxe I get some chas into my Paypal acocunt, I’ll be buying it.

    I like this much better than Devil Whiskey, but then i was always more a Might and Magic person than Bard’s Tale πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks!

    All should be done by end of february. I don’t especially recommend playing the previous version because I’ve grown ashamed of it now πŸ™‚

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