Swords and Sorcery – Underworld Gold Released


So here it is at last. After a ridiculous amount of Alpha releases, Swords and Sorcery – Underworld Gold is available… Here… Now. In short…




I’m a bit sad. Like Junior going off to college. But happy because I’ll get more sleep at night and… Oh stop it.


I’ll spare you the long, boring bullet list. It’s awsum and you’ve gotta try the demo!  And possibly even buy the full game and help fund the sequel I’ll be officially announcing in a couple weeks, on this very Dev Blog 😉 But just in case you need to know a bit more, here’s the trailer again.

Download a demo! Buy Underworld Gold!

Happy adventuring!




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11 thoughts on “Swords and Sorcery – Underworld Gold Released”

  1. Downloading demo right now, I didn’t try the older version because it looked very amterish, the update looks good, can’t wait to try it. Nice job.

  2. Hey Charles,

    Andhaira here from the Codex. Am downloading the demo as I type this. Can’t wait to generate my party! 😀

    Man, I luv the thrill of starting a brand new rpg. 🙂

    Hope this sells enough for you to work on making rpgs full time!

  3. Downloaded the full version earlier today and continued on into the Catacombs. Just met the mummy in the first screen shot, and it shut down my casters in a hurry. I had to beat an ignominious retreat, and then I immediately ran into a vampyr that nearly totaled the party with instant-death drains. I’ll head back down tomorrow and try a different strategy against the mummy, if I can find some time. Maybe there’s some item than can remove silence effects… (Don’t tell me!)

    For a starter dungeon, this place sure contains more than just the stereotypical warm-up rats.

  4. @faustino

    That is underway as well. I began translating the engine but it is still some ways away. Sorry about the wait! With those last fixes out of the way I can focus on that and the sequel. The sequel especially though… 😉

  5. The current version is, but the upcoming one will expand to new platforms.

    Sorry for the late reply! I don’t have much visibility on comment notifications 🙁

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