Sovereign World Map


Sovereign World Map
Sovereign World Map (low resolution, click to enlarge)


Progress is being made on several fronts for the next installment of the Swords and Sorcery series: Sovereign. Namely the world building. And one way to make great progress on that front is to map said world.


This is now done! Click on the map for a better view. It is low resolution but still readable and a high resolution image is set aside for the game.


There are 17 towns, some of which will span over several maps, 48 surface maps, underwater maps, caverns and even a few uncharted territories… Environments are, as the map suggests, very varied (mountains, forests, glaciers, desert, ocean, marshes, caverns, dungeons). Great progress has also been made on the backstory, expanding on lore elements hinted at or developed in Swords and Sorcery – Underworld (and the much older Peregrine’s Song). So far about 30 pages of backstory have been written. The character creation system is also almost functional and sets the bases for very deep, active character development (many skills and crafts!)


Expect more development news very soon, as well as one or two surprises! If you’ve missed them click here to see previous posts.



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9 thoughts on “Sovereign World Map”

  1. Thank you! This looks amazing. Exactly what I would want from a world map. Hope this can be produced on a cloth… (Just kidding, I don’t expect you to manufacture cloth maps and ship them to buyers.)

    So much detail. It took me a while, but I located Highnest. Can’t wait for this adventure.

  2. @Dorateen Thanks Dorateen. The hi-res version makes it easier to locate spots. And it makes it easier to print on paper… Or cloth 😉 I don’t know about printed goods yet but started looking into dropshiping services. I’ll continue looking into it and who knows… Maybe a CE will come out of it.

  3. @hermitC Sadly I cannot claim to have made it myself. 🙁 Yours is much better than the mockup I sent to the artist! And now I know about Nordenfelt 🙂

  4. Great map – really makes me think of the maps from Might and Magic (I & II). Similar style but different and awesome.

    Really looking forward to Sovereign!

  5. Charles bro, this IS going to be the World of Xeen killer we’ve been waiting for. Seems that those long days ridiculing you for your coke can enemies in the original Underworld on the Codex have been for the better! 😉

  6. @PaulC Hey Paul, thanks! One of the very first Underworld players ladies and gentlemen 🙂

    @Commie Yup, Codex deserves a shrine in the game in the shape of the crowbar used to bash my teeth in so many times. Love hurts 😉

    Edit – I do mean that in a nice, grateful way.

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