New graphical standard… And other things.

Underworld has greatly suffered from my lack of artistic ability (or time to learn… or even try). There’s a simple solution to that problem: outsourcing. I have finally been able to do that.


Swords and Sorcery - Underworld GUI for v107 (Click to enlarge)


The entire game is being redrawn. At this point I have enough material to show this screen (walls,tiles, interface). But the enhancement goes beyond the general aspect. The worldview now works with a basic 3D engine, which greatly facilitates the inclusion of more varied environments, as well perks like actual wall thickness. I also have a list of smaller fixes I’ll talk about in a later post.

This sets the new graphical standard for the Swords and Sorcery series. The sequel is making slow progress because Underworld still takes much of my focus. But with these enhancements to the engine, a large , varied and attractive overworld becomes a much more feasible short term goal.

Things have gone a long way since:


Very outdated Underworld



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17 thoughts on “New graphical standard… And other things.”

  1. Outstanding, this actually surpasses the early Might and Magics – But as I said before, I wish you would move forward with the sequel. For me, I would rather see your progression as a game programmer in a series of games as opposed to just one game.

  2. Looks fantastic! I confess that, when I’m immersed in the story and/or the puzzles in the game, I hardly notice the graphics, but now that they’re side-by-side, it’s easy to see why you’ve upgraded them.
    Glad to see you’re designing again!

  3. Damn that’s beautful. Congrats! I’m really looking forward to replaying with these improvements, and playing the sequel one day, as well!

  4. @david

    I see what you mean. I sort of agree with you, but it’s hard to resist upgrading an existing game when the improvements are mostly tech oriented. As for the graphics most will be reuseable (except for the GUI theme).

    I’ve been itching to start SnS III though (Google Peregrine’s Song if you’re curious about SnS I & you’ll see the progress accross two games).

    Thanks very much for the first comment!

  5. Hi just saw the news update via the cesspool known as RPGCodex.

    The new graphics look outstanding! This will be a free update for current owners?

  6. Looks great, I liked the demo buy decided not to buy because of how at odds different graphics in the game looked with each other, killed the atmosphere for me. What you got there on the other hand looks just right, I’ll be buying as soon as it’s done for sure. Hopefully you can also use the new art resources to work on a sequel once you finish updating your current game, so it should benefit you there too. Keep up the good work, we need more games like this.

  7. @SomeDude That goes without saying but let’s say it anyway 🙂 Of course updates will remain free (or already paid for).

    @JB There will definitely be a lot of recyclable material, which is in part why I went for a last update before focusing on the sequel. Also feedback from various places was generally in disfavor of the graphics being as they were so this final update was necessary for the continuation of the series. You weren’t the only one!

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  8. Looks very good! Hopefully this will generate some more sales for you Charles! I’m not big on graphics but many are so I hope this allows you to keep making games.

    Question; Will monster and character art be getting upgrades too?

  9. @Steven Thanks Steven. Yes, monster & character art in in the works. There are about 20 images done out of about 150 so it’ll probably take a couple more months.

  10. What a huge improvement. Good job Charles, and to your graphical artist too.

    Hopefully with this overhaul, it grabs more attention on the DD sites.

  11. Finally. I’m glad you took the criticisms of your Spiderman sprite to represent the evil underlord to heart and made the game look ok in the end. 😉

  12. Very nice, Charles! I found this on RpGCodex yesterday and have been playing the demo. I was going to buy a copy anyway (if I ever see an extra 20.00 in my life) but i have to say this makes me even more likely to do so. How far would you say you are from releasing this version? Never mind, just saw your answer to Steven.

    I loved the Might and Magic games, and this one is a fun tribute. I’ve taken to grinding inside the inn to build a few levels in a safe area, and grab equipment as money allows. Definately cuts down on the ‘Level up outside the inn, oops, you’re dead!’ shenanigans.

  13. @UDM I’ll tell him you like his work!

    @commie Yes, you’ve been an inspirational force for positive change 😉

    @nyxalinth There’s also the arena and the fights in town are mainly there as a sort of tutorial. They’re feasible if you figure out the right strat (the rogue’s stealth is instrumental, as well as the sorcerer’s arcane once you’ve collected a few runes).

    Thanks for your comments!

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