Everyone knows a project is bound to face contingencies, setbacks, delays…


From the indie one-man studio (now with outside help) to the large construction company, something(s) are bound to get in the way of anyone’s objectives.


Underworld and sequel are currently affected by… Typhoons! Not one, but several have hit the people I’m working with in Manilla (Philippines), the worst of which is happening right now. So I’m glad I didn’t set a release date, but remain confident the remaining assets will be delivered as soon as can possibly be, given the circumstances. The most important being that they stay safe until good work conditions return.



Weather Contingencies
Weather Contingencies



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4 thoughts on “Contingencies”

  1. I seriously hate this time of year. We’ve had some big ones hit in Taiwan, but the Phillipenes always get it a lot worse.

    They’re not exactly that dangerous as long as you stay indoors and don’t happen to live where the floods/mudslides frequently occur. However, if they get too much rain then this can occur

    Taipei wasn’t hit too hard in 2009 with mudslides, but some regions weren’t so lucky. Whole villages were swallowed up in mudslides back in 2009.

  2. They haven’t told me about dangerous situations persay – only power and internet outages, but then again if it was getting dangerous they probably wouldn’t tell me…

    Hopefully they aren’t anywhere close to going through THAT.

  3. That was when we had a typhoon just drop loads of rainfall on us. Normally they pass by pretty quickly and cause some damage, but that was extreme. I even had a river two or three feet deep flowing down the street of where I lived once. The subway was knocked out for quite awhile in certain areas, but still that was nothing when compared to those mudslides.

    Don’t worry they’ll hopefully just get a few days off from work and then everything will be back to normal. Asia bounces back from these things really fast because we get them every year at this time.

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