Arena combat

It is high time for a new update. It’s been almost a year!

I’ve been working on three things.

– The new engine for Sovereign.

– A rebuild of Underworld in the new engine.

– A smaller project called Iron Ruler. It is a turn based strategy board-game except there’s no board since it’s a computer game, which may be similar to that 겜블시티 가입코드

This update is about the new combat that will be featured in both Sovereign and the upcoming Underworld update.

Underworld Gold Plus… I’m running out of suffixes and it is getting a bit ridiculous…


Arena combat with Ice Bolt spell effect (Click for full size)

If you are familiar with previous versions of Underworld, you’ll notice it’s changed quite a bit. Full screen, no fixed GUI, combat log appears in real time, partyand mobs are represented by portraits, out-of-melee combattants are darkened, the arena pic is used as background (only in arena fights), all spells are illustrated with a fading effect (both combat and non-combat), all options are represented by an icon (but keyboard shortcuts remain functional and you’ll be able to display them).

The skull at the bottom right still triggers autofight for quick resolution of easy battles (or suicide).

Spell casting has changed as well:

Spell book with level two priest spells (Click to enlarge).

That’s it for today. There’s more to show, tons of images, new modules (like crafting), new character creation… Unfortunately I still can’t announce a reliable release date. Everything seems to take twice as long as initially expected. But I’ll try to post updates much more often.



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14 thoughts on “Arena combat”

  1. Looking great Charles, I was wondering if your still working since to updates for so long. I never did finish Underworld (Just no time) but I liked it alot. Glad to hear your re-doing Underworld in the new engine so I can start it up again in the new engine.

    Based on your first game, you have a buyer day 1 from me sir!

  2. Great to hear Sovereign hasn’t been shelved (checked a few days ago & there was no update so I was wondering too).
    This update made me want to look at the Sovereign map again & drool.
    Count me in as a day one buyer.

  3. That’s looking mighty fine Charles. Better get it on the Codex so they can whine about the GUI! 😉

  4. The new design looks nice and I’m thinking it will be more intuitive to use.

    Day 2 buyer for sure, day 2 because it’s cooler to wait a day. 😛

  5. Thanks Chet. Hopefully I’ll be swamped on day 1 so it’s nice to know you have my back 🙂

  6. Looking good, I enjoyed the previous version and would like to replay in the new engine. 🙂


  7. Oh and why not strip back the name, and add the series instead, something like “Underworld – Sovereign Chronicles”.

  8. @Daniel “Darklord” King

    Hi Darklord, thanks for the comments 🙂

    Actually it already has a “franchise name” which is Swords and Sorcery.

    So there will be Swords and Sorcery – Underworld and Swords and Sorcery – Sovereign.

    Underworld doesn’t work as a franchise name because it fits the context of only one of the games.

  9. Ah of course it does, I briefly forgot! How about “Underworld Complete”?

    Do you have more info on Iron Ruler? 🙂

  10. @Daniel “Darklord” King

    Sorry I missed that! Iron ruler is in pre-beta state but I laid it aside for a while to work on the other two. I’ll be polishing the AI especially for an unspecified amount of time so I don’t want to start showing anything until the timetable is clearer.

    Much of Sovereign is overworld so I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree 😉

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