Iron Ruler is playable!

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Iron Ruler is playable!

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Iron Ruler is on the verge of completion. I am currently completing the Steam verification list for publication and will announce a release date shortly.

The meat of the game is in the AI. I actually lose to it sometimes. For whatever that's worth :lol: Iron Ruler's has an original twist in the way that the units work together. More on that later ;)

The map editor is quick and effective. You can create a map of your home country or state in just minutes and set out to conquer it against up to 4 opposing factions. Just imagine ruling your corner of the world with an iron fist!

There are 10 premade "system" maps for quick selection, including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia... And obviously medieval Japan!

Iron Ruler is designed for a quick 20-60 min strategy break. I like to think it's also very educational for kids, as a useful brain teaser for development. That has, however, been confirmed by no recognized authority :lol:

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